Math and Science Tutoring

Need help studying for an upcoming Physics test? Struggling with Calculus concepts? Matt Cantor is our ace in the hole. Book a lesson with Matt as soon as possible. He’s in high demand!

Here’s a quick introduction to his life, and his approach to teaching:

Matt, a native of Boulder, Colorado, received a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Physics and a degree in Applied Math from The University of Colorado. He was first inspired to study physics by his high school physics teacher. “He would answer every question with a question. He led us to the answer, rather than giving us the answer. My aim as a tutor is not simply for students to leave with a better understanding of the subject material, but also with a better understanding of how to learn.”

In addition to tutoring high school and college students while studying at CU, you could find Matt working with fellow students and faculty. “The hours and hours spent working problems with my peers and seeking help from professors are where I truly learned the art of teaching and learning. To me, teaching and learning are one and the same.”

Matt is a busy man. The best way to reach him is to email him directly at
(p.s He’s a pretty good musician too!)