SAT and ACT Math: Ratios

Check out this video describing a useful way of thinking about SAT and ACT Math problems that deal with ratios. If you need more help studying for either test, send us an email, and we’ll hook you up with a world class ACT or SAT tutor. Our tutors are available world wide using Skype and Google Hangouts.

Reviewing the Changes to The SAT: How it's Changing, Why it's Changing, and How it Affects You

This week we’ll start a series of videos analyzing the changes to the SAT coming in 2016. First up: Reading Comprehension. You’re going to want to know exactly how the SAT is changing the reading section of the test. Studying for this section of the SAT will be changing more than any other part of the test. Stay tuned for an in depth analysis of the difference between the old SAT, and the new SAT Reading Comprehension section.

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