The Usefulness and Dangers of Online Learning

Yea, we prepare students all over the world for the SAT and ACT using Skype or Google Hangouts as a platform. Yes, we meet with our students one-on-one, online, using the latest technology. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t critical of some online learning platforms.

As an online tutoring company, we know that studying for the SAT and ACT, in fact studying for anything, with a world class instructor using free video conference technology, great materials, and a virtual chalkboard is a winning combination. But, be cautious of the “Bells and Whistles” effect that some online companies will try to sell you.

The truth is, we all love fancy, shiny new toys. It’s a basic human fascination. We’re curious by nature. But this curiosity is categorically different to the curiosity invoked by real learning.

Some online learning platforms have all the bells and whistles. They’ll wow you with shiny technology, cute technology, miracle technology that can solve your problems. But eventually students get bored with those same colorful graphics and shiny screens. Over time, the graphics appear less colorful, the screens less shiny. If the instruction isn’t top notch, students WILL lose interest. It’s a matter of time.

The truth is, real learning takes place as a student full engages in the material, not the presentation. And when students are fully engaged in learning, they don’t need bells and whistles to be excited and interested.

Technology is defined as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.” The real magic technology is the transference of information and understanding from tutor to student. That process by which the proverbial light bulb in a student’s brain turns on. We use technology to make that moment possible. We don’t use extra technology to wow our students. We use our curriculum, and the power of our world class tutors to wow our students. We don’t need bells and whistles because we know that true learning is more fascinating than gimmicks and toys.

So, beware of tutoring companies using technology as a toy. Here at Higher Leaning, any technology we employ is a tool. We have our fun, but not with gimmicky graphics. Believe or not, our students and tutors have their fun by learning the insides and outs of the SAT and ACT- by mastering techniques and strategies that empower our students to dramatically raise their scores, and in turn gain admission in the the college or university of their dreams. If you don’t believe us, get in touch and we’ll show you how!