We’re number one!  Pardon us for self congratulatory exclamations, but come on… it’s pretty awesome.

We’re the number one ranked site on Google for “Skype ACT tutoring”  and “Skype SAT tutoring”  and a bunch of other online SAT and ACT prep related keywords.  So, nice work Higher Learning Crew.

We know what you’re thinking:  How in the heck did such a little company beat out Princeton Review and Kaplan for top search results on Google for SAT prep and ACT prep??

Well, it’s not easy… but it has been fun.  We’re beating out larger test prep companies by providing students around the globe with the best SAT and ACT prep anywhere, online and using Skype.  Our tutors are the best in the world.  Our prices are some of the lowest in the entire SAT and ACT test prep industry.  Our curriculum, whether it’s for ACT test prep or SAT test prep, is the best in the world.  And now, the word is out.  So we’re jacking up our prices.  Just Kidding!

We’re happy to have some of the most affordable prices in the test prep world.  We’re happy reaching so many students with our world class tutoring services using Skype.  And our tutors are happy to do their best for each and every student that comes to us looking to improve his or her SAT or ACT score.

And we’re really happy that Google has recognized Higher Learning Test Prep as the most relevant and authoritative source when it comes to  ACT Skype Tutoring and SAT Skype Tutoring.  We’ve known for a while that we’re offering the best test prep services for students studying for the SAT and ACT, online and anywhere in the world.  If you’ve got an internet connection, and a Skype account, you’ve got access to the world’s best SAT and ACT test prep, and the world’s coolest tutors!

So, drop us a line… director@temp.higherlearningtestprep.com

Or just ask Google!










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