Here at Higher Learning Test Prep, we’re committed to helping students improve for the SAT, and we’re also committed to our integrity.  Until now, we’ve guaranteed 100 points improvement because 100 points is easy enough for our tutors to accomplish in almost any situation.  Our average score improvement is just above 250 points.  The truth is that regardless of the number of points students improve by, if a student is not satisfied with their improvement we’ve always been happy to continue to work with them as long as it takes to get that improvement, and at an immensely discounted rate.

Sadly, lots of companies try to lure students with false claims.   Take for instance a company called PrepScholar.  PrepScholar charges $400 for pre-recorded online videos (that can be found for free on other sites) and they’ll add on $200 per hour for one-on-one tutoring  for 8 hours if you like.  PrepScholar also claims to have a 240 point money back guarantee.   Here’s the fine print at the bottom of their terms agreement:

“If you purchased a Complete package, the full sum you paid will be refunded to you. If you purchased the Complete + Tutoring package, then 20% of the full sum you paid will be refunded to you.”  

So, they’ll give you the $400 dollars back for their automated program, because that’s no skin off their back.  That part of the program requires no human effort.  And they’ll keep the $1600 they charged for 8 hours of one-on-one tutoring.  No matter how little you’ve improved.  No matter whether or not you bothered to read to the very bottom of their terms agreement.  No matter whether or not you understood what you were buying.  We think that’s horribly misleading, and unethical.  It’s companies like this that give the test prep business a bad name.

Here’s our guarantee:  If you’re not satisfied with your results after the SAT or ACT,  you can work with your Higher Learning Tutor, or any of our other tutors for their paid hourly rate.   As a company, we won’t make another dime.  To be sure, some of our senior tutors are more expensive than others, but rest assured:  The curriculum and materials are the same authentic SAT/ACT questions, and all Higher Learning tutors are selected for their incredible teaching skills.  You’ll always have the option of working with our newer tutors  at their lower rates.

Our success begins and ends with your success.  We believe that the service we’re offering is a great one, and we stand by our product.  Why?  Because this entire test prep industry could use a little bit more integrity.  Our goal is to help as many students as we can reach their academic goals.  Our materials are most extensive and authentic in the world.  Our tutors are the most qualified and well paid in the world.  Our curriculum is beyond comparison.  And now you can be sure that our commitment to you is without match.




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