The SAT and ACT are different tests. How different? Well….
-The SAT tests students less on pre-requisite knowledge than does the ACT.
-The SAT math section does not cover some of the advanced concepts tested on the ACT math section.
-The ACT asks questions in a simpler manner. The ACT does not attempt to trick students with confusing word problems.
-The ACT time restrictions are much more problematic than SAT time restrictions. If time management is an issue for you, the ACT will present challenges.
– The ACT has a fourth subject: Science. The science section is mostly a reading comprehension section with charts and graphs.
-The ACT English section has only one format. The SAT Grammar section has three.
-The SAT has 9 multiple choice sections, the ACT has 4 multiple choice sections.
-Both the SAT and the ACT have an essay, though the topics are usually much different. The SAT topics are broader and more philosophical. The ACT topics are more specific and usually related to school issues.
-The SAT has vocabulary questions. The ACT does not.
-SAT reading comprehension passages are not labeled by subject. ACT reading passages are labeled as follows: Literary Fiction, Social Science, Humanities, and Natural Science. Always in that order.

Phew… Naturally, studying for the SAT is different from studying for the ACT. But don’t fret. Higher Learning Test Prep’s brilliant team of tutors is equally qualified to help you with both.

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