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People still don’t believe that I was able to raise my score by 730 points. But I did, and it never would have been possible without my tutor from Higher Learning Test Prep. He was so patient, so attentive, and so committed to my success. All I can say is, you can do it too. Hire these guys, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks to my Higher Learning Tutor, I raised my SAT score by 350 points. More importantly, I accomplished my goal: I’m going to Harvard! This is a dream come true. I can’t thank you guys enough!

My Higher Learning Tutor was absolutely phenomenal. He explained everything clearly, and in great depth. Higher Learning Test Prep made sure I was truly prepared for my ACT. I improved my science score by 7 points!!

I got a 2320 after my work with my Higher Learning Tutor! He was not only a great help with the material on the test, but also someone that I felt understood how to make the college application process less stressful. Honestly I didn’t think I would enjoy studying for the SAT nearly as much as I did. I can’t thank you enough!

I improved my score by 380 points by working with Higher Learning Test Prep! I can now confidently complete my application for top universities in America!

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Not only is our Higher Learning Tutor a great guy that our family loves, he helped my son Leo raise his SAT score by 270 points!



Thank you so much for the tutoring! “I just finished the real ACT test and it was so much easier now that I knew what to expect. Thank you so much for the tutoring!!! I’ll be sure to tell everyone I know who is going to take the test about Higher Learning Test Prep!”


Through working with my Higher Learning tutor for only 10 hours I increased my SAT score by over 100 points and was able to exceed my expectations and original goal. He taught me all the shortcuts and tricks to the SAT and made the test seem ten times easier, cutting my stress in half.  He also helped prepare me for the ACT, on which I achieved my goal on the first try, when I previously had been unable to finish most sections. I really would recommend Higher Learning to anyone, and can’t thank him enough!


Had you asked me if I thought I could score above 750 in SAT Math prior to my tutoring sessions with my Higher Learning tutor, I would have responded that there wasn’t a chance. My math teacher had destroyed my confidence in mathematics through a series of what he may have considered “jokes”.

I had scored a 670 equivalent in math on my PSAT so I wasn’t expecting a score much higher than that on my first SAT. So, when I scored a 780, I was ecstatic and knew whom to thank for the strategies I used, which reduced the margin of error and increased my speed. Immediately after receiving my scores, I excitedly thanked him and shared my scores with him. I was shocked, but my tutor seemed to expect such great scores from me.

On SAT Math, I scored higher than one of my most respected math teachers. In fact, although I may not be the most gifted math student in my class, I can boast the highest SAT Math score as a Junior at Colorado Academy. The score gave me the confidence boost in math that I had needed at the time.

SAT tutoring was useful for more than just the SAT. For example, when I took AP exams in Calculus and Physics, I used similar strategies to differentiate the integrals in tough problems, instead of having to integrate. In addition, most of the strategies were usable on the ACT as well. Thanks to Higher Learning’s tips on the Science section, I nearly finished the Math and Reading sections, and totally completed the other sections on the ACT. Such a feat is impressive, for when I had taken the PLAN, an ACT test equivalent, I had finished 2/3 of the Math section, 3/4 of the reading section, and 5/8 of the science.

The folks at Higher Learning were very available for any questions I had. If I had a question at any time, I felt free to text message my tutor or email Higher Learning, knowing they would quickly respond. After I had received my SAT Subject test scores, for example, I was curious about how well I did. Since I had had multiple tutoring sessions with my tutor already, he was familiar with what sorts of colleges and fields I wanted to get in to. He informed me that I should retake the Physics subject test, but Math level 2 was fine, my parents and teachers concurred.

Ultimately, when I receive my scores from my second SAT, I should have a super score near 2200, which should place me average for even the most elite colleges I plan on applying to. When I took the PSAT, I scored a 1950 equivalent. Clearly a correlation between my success and receiving tutoring from Higher Learning must exist. So would I recommend Higher Learning to other of my classmates? I already have! My best friend is currently taking lessons with Higher Learning. Maybe sharing an interest in lead-guitar music played a role in the connection I formed with my tutor, but from the stories I have heard from my classmates, Higher Learning definitely seems to be the “coolest” SAT company and I know they gave me the strategies I needed for success.




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