When students begin the college admissions process, they’re faced with a myriad of choices. There’s a veritable deluge of decisions to make, and a number of factors to consider. There is perhaps, only one easy decision to make: The decision to ask for help.  As college admissions become more and more competitive, more and more students are realizing that the proper guidance and tutelage can be the difference between their first choice and their second… or third…or…ahhh!

So yea… you should get a tutor. You can be sure, these days, the next student in line certainly will.  And just as not all schools are created equal, neither are all tutoring experiences.  Ideally, you and your tutor can connect on a personal level, and work one on one to analyze exactly what you need to do to see improvement on the SAT or ACT. Classes are OK. But there’s no substitute for working one on one with some one you not only respect, but some one you like.

Herein lies the beauty of private online lessons via Skype. Back when the founders of Higher Learning were busy tutoring locally, a parent asked if they would work with a student via Skype. The family’s older daughter had worked with a Higher Learning tutor locally, and the family had since moved, and they just couldn’t find the right tutor in their neck of the woods.  While we were initially skeptical, we agreed to give it try.

The results were incredible: Skype tutoring allowed the same face-to-face interaction that in home tutoring allowed. Moreover, we quickly realized Skype tutoring has certain advantages we hadn’t initially foreseen. The online element allowed us to create a virtual classroom environment complete with a large white board on which to explain any of the trickiest problems- something our previous in-home tutoring would not allow. Most importantly, our first Skype student saw tremendous improvement.

That first experience made us believers. We realized that Skype was as good a venue as it gets for private ACT and SAT tutoring. Ultimately, it all comes down to finding the right tutor. Skype tutoring allows students the ability to work with the perfect tutor for them, regardless of location.

Here’s a short list of pros and cons:


  1. You can work with the perfect tutor for you- regardless of location.
  2. Everybody plays on the home court. You’re at your desk, or kitchen table, eating homemade cookies (hopefully). We’re kicking it in our posh penthouse online classroom, with all the tools for success.
  3. You don’t need to miss tutoring sessions if you’re under the weather. You can’t catch a cold via Skype (Though you can catch strategies for acing the Math section).
  4. You can wear your pajamas, Mom doesn’t have to clean the house
  5. The internet is cool.
  6. We’re the coolest.


  1. We get less homemade cookies. Though occasionally a grateful parent sends a batch in the mail

Ultimately you’ve got to find the right tutor.  Skype tutoring allows us to match you with the perfect tutor.  Whether you’re in New York City, the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, Germany, or Dubai.

Best of luck,
Paul Donaldson
Director at Higher Learning Test Prep

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