Our last blog post was about skimming ACT Reading passages, but that one covered Prose Fiction passages. The method is roughly the same, but the intention of the test taker should be different.


On all ACT reading passages, students should skim the passage. But while skimming prose passages, students should simply look to find the main idea and roughly where specific information is located. While skimming science passages, students should keep in mind the scope of science passages.

Science passages in the ACT Reading section typically outline an experiment. If that’s the case, look for the following: an introduction, a hypothesis, an experiment, a method of data collection, a results paragraph, and perhaps a conclusion. Not every passage will contain all of the above, but most will contain some of those pieces. More importantly, thinking in these terms will appropriately frame your skim. Note the progression of ideas, and you’ll find yourself efficiently moving through the questions with a great sense of exactly where key information is hiding for each question.

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