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We’re committed to your success So, naturally, we offer the best guarantee in the business. We know exactly how to help you raise your SAT score, or ACT score, or both. Good SAT or ACT scores are a product of great preparation. With our help, your will reach your goal score on the ACT or SAT.

Together, we set a goal, and together, we reach that goal. If you need a score of 2200 on the SAT, or 2300, or even 2400, let’s go get it. If you need a score of 34, or 35, or even 36 on the ACT. Great. Let’s go get it. If you do your part, we’ll do ours. Guaranteed. If you don’t reach your goal score after completing our program, we’ll work additionally with you until it does for FREE.

Here’s a video that illustrates one of our methods, as well as showing off the tools that make the online tutoring process so easy:



Even so, Kaplan and Princeton Review probably still think we’re crazy. But for us, the bottom line is helping each and every one of our students reach their goals. Higher Learning is fundamentally different from larger companies. Princeton Review and Kaplan make money by volume. The more students sign up, the better, regardless of each student’s individual experience.

Higher Learning is a small, employee owned company. We only succeed by making each student’s story a success story. Our compensation is contingent upon your success. This makes our commitment to your success tangible, rather than simply an idea. Moreover, we’re not interested in growing into an oversized test prep company: Our teachers are our founders. Our strategies and teaching styles have proven to be effective and fun. Therefore, we stand by our work. Nobody can beat our commitment to your success.

If you don’t reach your SAT goal score or your ACT goal score, we will work with you as long as it takes to get it…FREE. We believe in our tutors and our program, because it works. We believe in integrity and results.







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