SAT Tutoring using Skype: Personalized For You, Available Anywhere

Your SAT score can make or break your college application.  More and more students are realizing that a truly great SAT tutor can be the difference between success and failure.  While our classes are the best in the business, the best possible way to improve on the SAT is to work privately, one-on-one, with a world class SAT tutor.  Thanks to advances in video conference technology such as Skype, you needn’t leave your home in order to study with the best SAT tutors in the world.

Welcome to Higher Learning Test Prep. We offer the best private online tutoring for the SAT that money can buy. We use real SAT practice exams to show our students exactly how to study for success. We teach our lessons from our virtual classrooms, using Skype and Google Hangouts, with all the benefits of an in-home tutorial.  Getting a perfect score on the SAT can be hard, but for any student, it IS possible.  In fact, with the power and convenience of online SAT Tutoring, it’s easier than ever.

Our tutoring combines in-depth analysis of real SAT and ACT questions in every subject area with easy to remember, proven strategies to help you minimize mistakes and maximize efficiency. We’ll use actual SAT exams to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and carefully tailor our time together to overcome each and every obstacle to your success. Our tutors don’t work from a strict lesson plan.  Instead, our tutors adapt our extensive curriculum to your specific needs.  Need help with coordinate geometry?  Great,  we’ve got pages upon pages of real SAT questions on coordinate geometry alone.  Struggling with reading comprehension? We’ve got more SAT reading passages and questions than you’ll ever need, and a handful of easy to remember strategies that will change the way you see the test.  Using Skype, face to face with your tutor, you’ll meet for one to two hour sessions, with time in between to absorb what you’ve learned and practice on your own.

Our tutors pride themselves on making preparing for the SAT engaging and fun (seriously!). Through the process, you will expand your knowledge and know what to expect on exam day. We are consistently available for questions–both from you and from your parents–up until the last minute. After the exam, we like to stay in touch and answer questions you may have throughout the college admissions process.



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