Quick Tip #3

We’ve talked alot about SAT and ACT math, reading comprehension and ACT Science.  Today let’s talk grammar.
Whether you’re studying for ACT or SAT, it’s important to focus on the small range of grammar questions you’ll be faced with.   There’s only a handful of grammar rules you’ll be tested on, so don’t worry about tackling the entire English language.  What the heck is a reduced relative clause anyways?

Take a section of ACT or SAT grammar and notice what kind of mistakes you make.  Figure out what kind of grammar questions stump you and why.  Use every mistake as an opportunity to learn about yourself and the test.

So, bust out your College Board Official SAT study guide, or Real ACT study guide and get crackin’!  Or better yet, send us an email at director@temp.higherlearningtestprep.com

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