Each of our tutors has over 2,000 hours experience tutoring students one-on-one for the SAT and ACT.

Suffice to say, the Higher Learning Test Prep rate of 140 dollars per hour is an incredible value.  

Our rates are more reasonable because we have virtually no overhead.  Yep, that’s right.   Virtually none.  While Kaplan and Princeton Review have massive central offices and staff, we’re simply a small contingent of great tutors, working together to offer a tremendous service.  Some companies spend thousands on marketing and advertising.  We don’t spend a dime.  Our work does the advertising for us.  Most students come to Higher Learning on the recommendation of a previous student.

Still, there are bargain tutors that will work for less money.  Some can be good, but even so, they’re mostly beginners or general tutors with some SAT or ACT experience.  Be careful signing up with a tutor at a cut rate price.  Usually, such a tutor has only a handful of students under their belt.

College costs are out of control.  Still, the expense of higher education is one of the most important investments in life.  The difference, over the length of the course, between the cost for a Higher Learning instructor with over 2000 experience as a one on one SAT/ACT tutor, and the cost for a cut rate tutor with very little measurable experience is about the same as the cost of just the books for one semester at college.

Our tutors are the best in the business.  Our rates are the best in the business.  So, send an email to and lets get started!

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