Our Teachers: Focused on Your Success

When our students are asked what the best part of our SAT or ACT program is, they all say the same thing: Our teachers. Young, dynamic, personable, and accommodating instructors make the difference. Because our teachers own the company, they care deeply about the success of each and every student. Our teachers tutor online via Skype for a personalized, private tutoring experience that is designed to maximize your success.

No teacher at Kaplan or Princeton Review can parallel our commitment to your success. They’re paid no matter the end result. But our success is contingent upon your score improvement. We stand by our commitment to make your academic goals a reality. Read about our Score Guarantee.

Meet Our Teachers

Jeremy Ciampa

Jeremy was born in Massachusetts, the son of an award-winning educator.  He’s been helping students succeed since middle school. “Like everybody else, I wanted to be ‘cool’. I’d sit in the back of the room and wisecrack. Then, invariably I’d end up helping the ‘cool kids’ understand what the teacher had put on the board. It’s always been a pleasure to put seemingly complex material in terms that people can understand.”

In eighth grade he earned a scholarship to attend America’s most celebrated high school: Phillips Exeter Academy. At Exeter, Jeremy tutored fellow athletes in Mathematics and English, and learned more than a thing or two himself. He has been helping students prepare for the SAT and ACT since his undergraduate days at The University of Colorado. Jeremy founded Higher Learning in 2011. “Higher Learning is my effort to reach those students with whom I might never have the opportunity to teach otherwise.”

Albert Florez

Al is one of those rare individuals who can quote Whitman, build furniture, modify your gaming system, speak conversational Spanish, and discuss the philosophical implications of the number zero. Or compose the score for your screenplay. Or teach you how to ace the Writing Section. Perhaps his far-reaching curiosity is what makes Albert such a tremendous teacher. “When I recall all of the great teachers I’ve been lucky enough to work with- teachers from seemingly disparate fields- I’m inspired to take up the slack, and be that teacher for every student that I work with.”

When he’s not busy doing any of the above, you can find him repelling from cliff tops in the Cape Ann area or back country skiing in Maine. Albert is currently attending classes to obtain his Massachusetts Teaching Certificate.

Joshua Ciampa

Joshua was raised in the same education centered household as his brother, Jeremy. Joshua had the great privilege of working with his father- that same award-winning educator from Massachusetts- all the way through high school. “Although most 17 year olds would not relish sitting in a Calculus class taught by their father, I decided to make the best of it… In many ways, I learned all there is to know about teaching from watching my father.”

Joshua’s impressive math skills made him a de-facto tutor way back in high school. He went on to study film at Quinnipiac University and University of Colorado. All the while, he earned his spending money tutoring Calculus to fledging engineers and mathematicians. When he’s not teaching future world leaders how to ace the SAT, he works as a camera man and adventure film maker on projects all over the world.







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