A score of 600 on each section of the SAT is a benchmark. In some ways, it’s an arbitrary number. It’s certainly not an accurate measure of one’s intelligence. Still, reaching a score of 600 on any given section of the SAT will open doors for students competing among the masses for a coveted spot at a top rate university. So, how do you do it? We’ll show you…

*If you’re interested in how to raise your score from 600-ish to 700-ish or even 800, check out our previous post here: How to Go from 600 to 800 in any SAT section. But remember, if you’re below 600 currently, you’ll want to start with bringing your SAT score up to 600 in every section first.

Divide and Conquer- The first step to improving your SAT score is to divide the exam’s subject material into smaller pieces. Of course, the test is already divided into three subjects: Math, Critical Reading, and Writing. However, in order to bring your score up in any one section, you’ll have to divide it into smaller sections. Maybe you’re doing well with algebra questions, but struggling with geometry questions. Maybe you’re doing well on pronoun and adverb questions but struggling with subject-verb agreement. Whatever content areas are giving you trouble, identify them and improve your skill set in each area.

Get Test Savvy- The other way to divide up the material of a given section of the SAT is to look closely at the style of the question. Are the wordy math questions getting you? Is it a particular format in the writing section that’s giving you a hard time? In order to improve your SAT score, you’ll need to improve your understanding of the style of the test questions, not just the content of those questions.

Pace Yourself- You don’t need to answer every question in order to get to a 600 in any given section of the SAT. Figure out how many questions you need to get right, and plan on answering just a few more than you need to. This is an important point, and something most students sadly disregard. Spend the necessary time to answer questions correctly, and don’t worry about getting the toughest questions right. Remember: The perfect score isn’t just an 800. It’s the one that gets you into your top choice school.

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