Higher Learning Test Prep students typically improve their SAT scores by 300 or more points. Our ACT students usually improve by 4 or more points. So how do we do it?

a. Magic, plain and simple
b. Advanced telepathy
c. Grueling, hellish, torturous study plans
d. Surgically implanted cerebral microchips
e. None of the above

If you answered “e”, congratulations. You’re correct. If you answered “a”, or “b”, cool. We like where your head is at. And we’re working on it. If you answered “c”, or “d”, chill out. There’s a better way.

In order to improve your score on the SAT or ACT, you’re going to need to learn how to learn. If that last statement made you dizzy, we’ll explain, but roller coasters may not be your thing.

The SAT and ACT are predictable and therefore beatable. You’ll need a great tutor. If you’re working with us, you can check that one off. You’ll also need great study materials. We’ve got the best materials in the world- Real SAT’s and ACT’s. And we’ve got a lot of them. But most importantly, you’ll need the right mindset.

Why do some students improve by 500 or 600 points on the SAT and some students only improve by 100 points? Mindset. The right attitude will dramatically improve the efficacy of your study. It’s like magic, plain and simple. So, actually, if you answered “a” at the top of the page, you were also correct. Good going.

When you’re studying for the ACT and/or SAT, treat every mistake as an opportunity to learn something about the test. Be thankful for every missed problem. Seriously. Look as closely as you can at the question. Analyze every possible aspect of the question- the wording of the question, the language of the answer choices, the kinds of logic, techniques, and critical thinking that are necessary to obtain the correct answer. Take a deep breath and look again. Review everything you’ve learned about the question and then decide to never make the same mistake again. Yea that’s right, decide. Because you can. Move slowly, intentionally, and with great patience. Don’t get mad. Don’t get frustrated. If you do, take a deep breath and remind yourself what you’re doing, and why.

What you’re doing is studying for a very beatable test. And you’re doing so because your improved score is going to help you go to a great school, study awesome stuff, and do something great with your life. All of which is pretty cool. The SAT and ACT do not stand in your way. Each of these exams is an opportunity to showcase a different aspect of your intelligence to colleges and universities. Be patient, finding a mistake is the first step to improving your score. Studying frantically and angrily will not help you improve your score, so don’t do it.

Here at Higher Learning, we are certain that given enough time, we can get anybody the score they need to get in to the college or university of their dreams. Because sooner or later, students realize that the principle of learning described above is universal.

As stated above, we’re working on the telepathy thing, and the magic thing. And you can rest assured that there’s some scary people working on the cerebral micro-chip thing. In the meantime, remember: You can and will improve at anything, including your preformance on the SAT or ACT, with the right mindset. Seriously. Try it.

Of course, having a world class tutor goes a long way too. Drop us a line if you need any guidance in the world of SAT or ACT prep. Send an email to director@higherlearningtestprep.com or, alternatively, if you’ve got the telepathy thing figured out, send a message directly to our minds.

Happy Studying!
The Higher Learning Crew

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