The elusive 2400. 800 in Reading, 800 in Writing, 800 in Math. Perfect.

Nobody cares.

Asking somebody what they got on the SAT is one of the lamest questions known to man. Telling people what you got on the SAT when you haven’t been asked is even worse.

What a rip off! Even if you’re perfect and you know it, it’s not that cool to clap your hands. Maybe you can get away with patting yourself on the back, but be sure to do so discretely.

Of course, there is quite a payoff for a perfect SAT score. Unless you’re an axe murderer with a terrible attendance record and a GPA below 1.2, you’re probably on your way to a tremendous institution of higher learning.

So the payoff isn’t the score. The payoff is gaining admittance to an incredible school. And therefore, 2400 is not the only perfect score.

If you can gain admission to your top choice school with a score of 1800, then 1800 is perfect. If you need 2000, perfect. If you need 1200, perfect. And if you need a 2400, perfect.

With the help of a great tutor, this fall is the perfect time to reach your goal. Studying for the SAT will change dramatically next spring. The SAT changes in 2016. Right now, there’s 10 years of previous SATs in the current format we can review in our study. That gives students that study a huge advantage over students that take the test cold.

In the spring, with less material on which to rely, improvement may be harder to come by. Which is why we’re encouraging all students to take the ACT in 2016 instead. We know what the ACT is going to look like. We don’t know with the same degree of certainty what the SAT is going to look like. So, why be the guinea pig for the new test?

Take advantage of the incredible opportunity the October 2016 SAT offers. Start your study now, use all available resources, find a tutor that can increase the efficiency of your study. Then, go get the score you need to get where you want to go. Someday, when some sad, lame soul inquires about your SAT score, you can say, “Perfect.”

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