How it Works: Private Tutors using Skype

The beauty of private tutoring is that each session can be personalized for each student’s needs. The beauty of online tutoring is the convenience of learning from your desk, at your home. Our program combines both. We meet with our students face to face using  Skype or other video conference technology, using real ACT or SAT practice tests to analyze each student’s greatest obstacles.

At the beginning of each tutoring session, you sit comfortably at your desk and log into your free Skype account. Then you simply click on the icon for your Higher Learning tutor, and enter into Higher Learning’s virtual classroom. On the screen appears your friendly private tutor, along with a white board and any necessary materials for explaining the day’s lesson. Along with all the advantages of a full classroom or learning center, you have at your disposal all the conveniences of being at home: No driving or parking, No long commutes, No dingy classrooms… and of course Mom’s snack drawer. We encourage  parents to “sit in” from time to time. It might be hard to believe, but because of the comfort level that comes with personalized private tutoring, coupled with the peace of mind that comes with being in your own home, the entire experience can be really fun! (especially if Mom’s got good snacks).

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