GRE Tutoring



Going to grad-school? Or, at least hoping to? Not to worry. The GRE is a predictable, beatable exam. If you’ve got the right guidance, and the right work ethic, you can ace the test.

We’ll teach you to think like the test makers. You’ll learn how they’ve set traps for a less scrupulous student, and how to avoid those mistakes. They play the same tricks on students year in, and year out. Once you’ve learned their game, you’ll see instant improvement.

There’s probably some math stuff you haven’t seen in a while, but, if you’re smart enough to succeed in undergrad, you can absolutely conquer the low level math requirements of the exam.

This exam is first and foremost about reasoning. The material you’re asked to work on isn’t rocket science. (That should be a huge relief!) It’s also not the first time you’ve seen a standardized test. So, don’t worry. With great tutoring, you can absolutely reach your goals on the GRE!



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