Custom Private Tutoring for SAT and ACT

Test Tip of the Week

While 20-30 hours is ideal, we understand some folks need a smaller or larger amount tutoring. Your private SAT or ACT tutor will be happy to work with you under any time constraints, or in a longer term capacity. Our goal is to provide the most personalized service possible for our students taking the SAT or ACT in a hurry. This service does not necessarily carry our normal score improvement guarantee.  But don’t worry:  We stand by our work, regardless of any time constraints. We’ll be happy to schedule a meeting on Skype or Google Hangouts right away, to start your student’s SAT or ACT training immediately. You’ll be surprised how much your student’s SAT or ACT scores can improve in a short period of time. If you’re looking for a longer term SAT or ACT program in order to improve a student’s foundational concepts and test taking abilities, we can help. We believe that with enough time and effort, any student can achieve a score of at least 1200 on the SAT, and 30 on the ACT. Ask about our affordable, long term SAT/ACT Overhaul program.

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