Bottom Line:   One on One Tutoring Works

SAT and ACT preparation is multi-faceted.  There’s strategies to sift through, SAT and ACT vocabulary lists, math techniques, reading comprehension strategies, essay techniques, and grammar elements that the exams favor.  Then there’s time management, goal scores, and the brass tacks of exam content.

There’s all sorts of great ways to study for the SAT and ACT.  But nothing beats one-on-one tutoring.  Classes can be fun, but usually aren’t the best use of your time.  The class pace is almost always too fast or too slow.  Even if the tutor is right on pace with you, you might be afraid to ask questions when you don’t understand something.  Or you might be afraid to continue to ask for help when it seems like you’re the only student that doesn’t understand something.   The tutors teaching these courses are usually under experienced.  They’re working for a low hourly wage, and figuring out how to teach on the fly.  Your college admissions are more important that that.

Then there’s online courses..  Online courses aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  Unless you’re an extreme auto-didact, you’ll probably have trouble teaching yourself all the tricks and strategies.  The SAT and ACT are very specialized, and there’s a lot to know about each section.  Whether its ACT Science, SAT Math, or the grammar and reading sections, there’s a lot to know!

The other problem with online courses is that it’s difficult to get clarification.  If you don’t understand the lesson perfectly, it’s hard to get a clear understanding from a computer.

But who wants to drive to SAT class?  Who wants to meet their ACT tutor in a noisy coffee shop or some stuffy classroom?  Students spend all day in classrooms.  We get it.  It’s not that fun.

Wouldn’t it be better to meet a cool, world traveling tutor who really knows this stuff?  And, even cooler to meet with them for SAT and ACT lessons online?  Yes, it would be.  The bottom line is that one-on-one SAT and ACT tutoring is the best way to raise your score and get into the college of your dreams.   Studying online with an interesting instructor makes the whole process at least 50% fun.  Let’s do it.


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