The Do's and Don'ts of ACT and SAT Test Prep

If you’re a junior in high school, it’s crunch time. Final exams, AP and IB exams, SAT and ACT tests in May and June…You probably don’t even have time for this blog post. So, we’ll keep this short.
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There’s a million ways to prepare for the SAT or ACT, but not all of them are effective. The truth is, a great tutor is the easiest way to improve your ACT and SAT scores. It’s certainly possible to do so on your own, but it requires immense focus, unerring discipline, and the prowess of an experienced autodidact.
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Let’s first discuss why paid automated programs aren’t valuable

In a perfect world, online automated learning platforms could take the place of a great teacher. But, alas, this world is far from perfect. You can learn the nuts and bolts of test prep from Anthony Green’s canned course, or from PrepScholar. But the truth is, this information is already available for free on websites like Khan Academy. Companies that offer “Complete SAT/ACT Test Prep” for $300 are simply packaging the information you can find in a google search, and charging 300 bucks for it. If someone claims that for $300 you can get the same results as the students who paid that same someone $30,000… It’s time to be skeptical. Use free resources like Khan Academy to learn the nuts and bolts. If you’re going to pay someone, pay for one-on-one tutoring.
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Free resources like Khan Academy are incredibly useful, but they won’t show you the tricks of the trade. That’s because Khan Academy partnered with the College Board (makers of the SAT) to create their curriculum. The test makers, and their affiliates, will show you how to solve math problems, but they won’t show you the tricks that make SAT and ACT Math easier. They will show you how to read carefully, but they won’t show you the tricks to break down each type of SAT Reading and ACT Science passage and question. They will show you how to effectively use commas, but they won’t show you how to dramatically improve your SAT and ACT Writing scores without dramatically improving your knowledge of grammar.

But we will.

We’re old school. One-on-one private SAT and ACT tutoring from a master tutor with thousands of hours of tutoring and a deep knowledge of the tests. We also guarantee our work. Seriously. If you complete our course and don’t get your goal score, we’ll help you make it happen the second time, free of charge.

On the other hand, we’re smart enough (and young enough) to have been one of the first fully online, Skype-based SAT and ACT tutoring companies in the world.

Our business model is based on two simple truths:

1. Great scores require individualized instruction from world class tutors. So, we only offer one-on-one tutoring from world class instructors.

2. Clients pay for a result, not a service. So, we guarantee that our students will reach their goal scores on the SAT and ACT.

Improving your ACT and SAT scores isn’t easy, but it is simple. Drop us a line at to get started!
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