ACT Math- Logarithms and Exponents

Check out this video explaining a good use of The Log Rule for Exponents on the ACT. Remember to use the answer choices on ACT Math questions to inform your thinking. Time is of the essence on the ACT Math section, and thoroughly knowing this rule is the difference between moving quickly and getting bogged down. If you know this useful rule in advance, you may be able to easily spot the answer. In the past, we would have said that the SAT would never include a logarithmic question in the math sections, but the New SAT could definitely contain a question like this one. Basically, effective studying for the New SAT Math section is an amalgamation of the way we previously studied for the old SAT and the way we currently study for the ACT.


As always, let us know if any questions come up during your study of the ACT or SAT. Whether it’s a specific math question, or you’re wondering about ACT Science strategies, or trying to decide whether the SAT or ACT is right for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Automated SAT and ACT Courses vs. One-on-One SAT and ACT Tutoring

Automation is the name of the game for modern entrepreneurs. The internet is full of automated course offerings for everything from knitting to astrophysics. If you’re a self-learner, or autodidact, (Great SAT word, by the way) automated courses can help you learn the nuts and bolts of just about anything. Online programs can show you all the foundational information necessary to improve your skills, whether your area of interest is SAT Prep, or building rocket-ships. Both of which are, of course, equally exciting endeavors.

But information is different than knowledge. Pre-recorded lessons and exciting visual presentations are different than one-on-one guidance. You can teach a man to fish, but probably not by asking him to watch youtube videos.

The process of imparting information is a dynamic one, requiring an active exchange between teacher and student. It requires a thorough examination of the student’s questions, and an equally thorough examination of the teacher’s answers. We encourage our students to use free platforms like Kahn Academy, in order to further explore perspectives on the SAT, and to work on SAT problem sets. But it’s important to use such resources as tools, and not to rely on them as complete solutions. Learning requires dialogue and discussion. Learning requires critical thinking, not just absorption.

Above all else, we advise our students to never spend money on automated programs. Some companies offer incredible results through automated programs- Green SAT and Green ACT, two popular programs started by savvy entrepreneur and solid SAT and ACT tutor Anthony Green, promise the same efficacy and the same results as Anthony’s one-on-one Skype tutoring, which he previously priced at $1000 dollars per hour.

We’re happy that Green Test Prep has had success. It’s great that their founder was able to leverage publicity generated by his exorbitant rates, and turn that publicity into profit. We’re certain Green Test Prep effectively elucidates some useful strategies on the SAT and ACT. But to claim an automated course is as effective as world-class one-on-one tutoring using Skype is more than a stretch. It’s simply false.

Imagine a basketball team deciding they didn’t need a coach. After all, there’s tons of free information about basketball on the internet. There’s videos that can teach each and every trick, and even lists of useful practice drills available online. Plus, for a much lower price than a coach’s salary, they can simply attend an online seminar by legendary coach Phil Jackson, and even send him a couple of emails. So, who needs a coach?

Maybe you could put together a decent club team that way. If you’re motivated, you could learn some great ball handling tricks, and even run a few good practices. But nobody is winning the NBA title without a coach. If you need just a few points improvement on the SAT or ACT, we absolutely belief results can be achieved using online programs, and we advise students to use free online resources, and affordable books and Ebooks. But if you need significant score improvement on the SAT or ACT, or if you want to compete for a spot at one of the top colleges or universities in the country, get personalized one-on-one help from a well qualified tutor that is personally invested in your success.

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Happy Studying!

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