ACT Math Playlist

Here’s some ACT Math questions we cranked out for a student recently. If you’re having a hard time near the end of the test, check these videos out…


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ACT Math: Inequalities

We get excited when we see inequality questions near the end of the ACT or SAT. Does that make us a bunch of nerds? Probably. Should you get on our nerd-level? Probably not. Should you send an email to to get started with the best SAT and ACT Skype tutoring to improve your score and get into a great college? Probably!



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ACT Math: Trig Trick!

Is Trigonometry freaking you out on the ACT? Check out this Trigonometry trick! Is trig freaking you out on the SAT? Look again. You shouldn’t need any trigonometry on the current SAT (through January 2016). However, there is trig in the ACT Math section, and it can be difficult at times. Never fear, Skype ACT tutoring is here. And there. Technically, ACT and SAT Skype tutoring is everywhere. Or at least everywhere humans study for the ACT and SAT. There’s no Skype tutoring on Jupiter, as far as we know. But don’t get any ideas. Life on Jupiter, even without the SAT and ACT, is not a good life decision. Stick with Skype tutoring, and colleges on planet earth, and oxygen.

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ACT Math: Hidden Triangles

Is ACT or SAT Geometry the Achilles heal of your ACT or SAT Math score? Well, in most cases ACT/SAT Geometry is pretty limited in it’s range of materials. If you know the basic formulas for circles, rectangles, and triangles you’ve got enough know-how to get a great score on the SAT or ACT. Check out this video explaining the mysterious, and important, Hidden Triangle…



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The Stacking Trick! ACT Math

Hey Everybody, welcome back to Higher Learning’s series of life saving, grade altering, text-book-defying ACT and SAT tips and tricks. Take a peep at one of the more advanced application of the stacking principle.



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