New SAT: Reading Tip # 2

Graphs in the Reading Section?! What the $%@#? Don’t worry, if you study for the New SAT, there’s nothing that can come between you and a great score. Sure, the New SAT is different than the old SAT, but really it’s just taking a page out of the ACT book. Improving your score on the test comes down to mastering the most effective tips, tricks and strategies for the test. How do you go about gathering all the facts about the New SAT? Get in touch with the best SAT tutors in the land. Hit us up, we happen to know a few…


How to Beat the New SAT

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A lot of folks are freaking about the New SAT. We’re hearing a lot of questions lately. Some of the questions have been: How do I prepare for the brand new version of the test? Is studying for the new SAT possible? Are there still tricks and strategies to maximize my score? How different is the test?

The truth is, the new SAT isn’t crazy difficult. In fact, the changes to the SAT reflect an attempt by the College Board to re-brand themselves as the “user-friendly test”, a title that until now has been held by the ACT. So, how is the SAT changing? In many ways, it’s modeled after the ACT. The biggest difference between the two tests is that the SAT won’t be a time crunch like the ACT.

Still, there’s plenty of changes. And plenty of tips, tricks, and strategies to beat the new SAT. Here’s a quick look at one of the changes to the Reading section of the SAT. Stay tuned for tons of important advice for improving your SAT score on the redesigned SAT!