ACT Grammar and SAT Writing Strategies

Whether you’re taking the ACT or the SAT, naturally you’re going to want to know the material inside and out. Luckily, on both the ACT Grammar section and SAT Writing section, the number of grammar rules you’re responsible for is incredibly limited. You needn’t be a wordsmith nor a person of letters in order to get a perfect score on either test. If you study wisely, you can master all the rules you’ll be tested on.

However, even the brightest students run in to tricky questions on the ACT and SAT. In those cases, it pays to have a great strategy and a thorough understanding of the way in which the test makers construct questions and answer choices. Often times, there are clues within the question or answer choices that reveal which answer choices are viable, and which are not.

While tricks won’t get you a perfect score on the ACT or SAT, understanding the strategies of the test makers will improve your chances of getting a question right, even when you’re unsure about the answer. This video shows two examples of this kind of situation on the ACT Grammar section. The same kind of thing happens on the SAT as well.

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