SAT ACT Math- Proportions

Inverse Proportions? What the heck are those?

This video gives you two important equations to deal with direct proportions and inverse proportions. Want more? Drop us a line- and schedule your first tutoring session. The first one is free!

Tricky SAT and ACT Reading Questions

Sometimes the obvious answers are dead wrong. Sometimes the answers that appear to be way off base end up being the perfect answer. When it comes to SAT and ACT Reading Comprehension, it’s all about context. (When it comes to the best SAT and ACT tutoring available anywhere using Skype and Google Hangouts, well, you know…)

Private Tutoring vs. Automated Online Courses

Here at Higher Learning Test Prep, we believe in the power of one-on-one, face to face communication. The exchange between teachers and students is a two way street. Learning is as much about asking questions as it is about absorbing information. Teaching is as much about listening as it is about delivering information. Herein lies the problem with automated online courses.

If you’re already a tremendous learner- a learning machine if you will- online automated courses can work. The problem is, most of us aren’t machines. Most of us need human interaction to truly learn something. Get in touch for the best one-on-one, person to person, private SAT and ACT tutoring available anywhere. We’ll be happy to meet with you on Skype or Google Hangouts whenever is best for you.

Happy Studying!

June SAT: Why You Should Take It

Whether you’ve already gotten a great score on the SAT or haven’t yet begun studying for it, you should probably take the June SAT. Think about it: The school year will have just ended, unless you’re unfortunate enough to live in an area ravaged by winter weather and snow days. (Those snow days were pretty fun, but sunshine always beats snow storms). You’ll be sharp from all of the studying you’ve done over the past few months of rigorous schooling. You’ll be focused, eye on the prize, ready for the fight. Think you’ve already maximized your score? Take the test in June and see what happens. You might surprise yourself. Haven’t even looked at the SAT yet? Give us a call, get some tutoring, and take the test in June.

All too often, high school juniors decide to wait for the fall of their senior year to take the SAT. Don’t. Most likely you’ll be a little sloppy in September. Remember how weird it felt to pick up a pencil last September when school began? Like your hand barely remembered how to write? Yeah, well your brain is in a similar state after summer break. On average, during summer vacation students loose about 1/3 of the knowledge they’ve acquired during the school year.

So don’t be that guy. Or that girl. Take the SAT when you’re at your best, and your tan is at it’s worst.

ACT Trigonometry

Hey Everyone,

Check out this video explaining a tricky ACT Trigonometry question. See if you can figure out the answer without any help!

If you need any more help with ACT Math, or SAT Reading Comprehension, or anything else from the test, then you’ve come to the right place. Our tutors are always available for students, worldwide using Skype. They’re the masters of all things SAT and ACT, so if you need a study buddy, look no further.

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