It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (for SAT and ACT Tutoring)

Ok, we promise that’s the only Christmas song reference we’ll use all season. But seriously, now is the best time to begin your tutoring for the January SAT, the February ACT, the March SAT, and even the April ACT.

We always recommend planning to take two SATs or two ACTs in the winter/spring. Why? Because most schools allow super scores. That means your best score in each section is the score that admissions officers will see. Might as well give it that ol’ college try. Might as well take it twice.

Now is the best time to begin studying for the SAT or ACT. Why? Because slow and steady wins the race. Unless we’re talking about drag racing. Or the Olympic 100 meter dash. Or a pie eating contest. Ok, so maybe there’s some exceptions to the “slow and steady” axiom. But “slow and steady” is still the best way to study for the SAT or ACT. The students that get the most score improvement on the exams are the ones that make a commitment to tutoring 2 to 3 months prior to the test date. So get started right now, and you’ll be ready to get a great score on the SAT or ACT.

Most people wait for after the holidays to begin SAT and ACT tutoring. That’s because this is the busiest time of the year for parents and students alike. However, online SAT and ACT tutoring using Skype takes the hassle, the hustle, and the bustle out of SAT and ACT preparation. We meet with our students exclusively online, using Skype and Google Hangouts. No matter where you are in the world, and no matter how busy your holiday schedule is, we’ve got a great SAT tutor or ACT tutor ready to meet you online at any time. If you’ve got an internet connection, a Skype account, and a willingness to improve your ACT or SAT score, we’ve got the right tutor for you.

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Happy Holidays,
The Higher Learning Crew

Higher Learning SAT and ACT videos on YouTube!

We’re kind of making big moves all over the place. Perhaps you’ve noticed that we are blowing up the social media sphere- dropping mad SAT and ACT wisdom on out Facebook friends and Twitter followers. We’re also uploading Higher Learning SAT and ACT videos to YouTube.

That’s right- free explanations to some of hardest SAT and ACT questions we could find. Each video is like three free minutes of SAT enlightenment, or 4 minutes of complementary ACT genius. Put a few of these instructional tutorial videos together, and you’ve got a solid 15 minutes of test prep perfection, one hundred percent on the house.

Here’s one of the videos on The Higher Learning YouTube Channel:

Just a taste of the kind of deep, top secret illumination that our online students experience on the regular. Shoot us an email to set up a free meeting on Skype to discuss our online SAT and ACT courses. We’ve got the best materials, the best curriculum, and the best tutors that money can buy.