How do I nail the SAT Math test?

How do I nail the SAT Math test?

The SAT Math test is very predictable, and very beatable.  In some ways, it’s easier than the math tests you take in school.  The SAT Math test covers geometry, algebra, ratios, percentages, and averages.  It sounds like a lot, but it’s all freshman level math.  Most likely, it’s all stuff you’ve seen before during your studies.  Don’t worry.  It’s only testing your basic geometry knowledge, your basic algebra knowledge, etc.  They’ve designed the test with the idea that almost all students have the skill set to get any question right- if that student can understand the question.

The most difficult aspect of the math section is the wording of the questions.  It’s hard to figure out what they’re asking for.  The language can be very confusing.  This is intentional.  The test makers’ approach is simple:  Only the smartest students will be able to answer the hardest questions, because only the smartest students will understand how to set up the problem.

The good news is the test is very predictable.  So, if you get used to dealing with their crazy word problems, you’ll do fine.  The key is repetition.  Over time you’ll come to learn all their tricky language, and how to get around it.

So… just do a bunch of math?

Not exactly.  Go to and click on Practice.  Download the free practice test and answer sheet.   Go through the math sections,.  Make sure to adhere to time constraints, noting problems that went quickly, those that went slowly, and those that didn’t go at all. Grade the test and analyze the results.

Er… analyze?

Firstly, note any subjects that you felt really weak on.  Was geometry impossbe?  Do you remember how to find a percentage?  What’s prime number anyway?

Hone in on the specific subhects you’re having trouble with, and study up.  It’s most likely review.   And if you’re learning a math topic for the fisrt time remember:  The SAT asks a very lmited  set of questions on anu given tpic.  You don’t have to know everything about geometry to ace the geometry questions on the SAT.

Surprisingly, lots of students make mistakes on questions that they answered quickly and confidently.  When mistakes like this come up, carefully review the language within the question.  Can you discern which part of the question tripped you up?  The SAT uses the same tricks over and over again.  If you can learn exactly what tripped you up, you’re well on the way to improving your score.

Next, you’ll need some strategies.  We know a strategy or two.   Just saying….

Drop us a line if you’d like to work one on one with some of the best, brightest, and most experienced tutors in the world.  We’ve helped students all over the globe improve their SAT and ACT scores.  Think of us as standatdized test super heros.  Or olymipic gold medal SAT triatheletes.  Only, without the tights either way.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line:   One on One Tutoring Works

SAT and ACT preparation is multi-faceted.  There’s strategies to sift through, SAT and ACT vocabulary lists, math techniques, reading comprehension strategies, essay techniques, and grammar elements that the exams favor.  Then there’s time management, goal scores, and the brass tacks of exam content.

There’s all sorts of great ways to study for the SAT and ACT.  But nothing beats one-on-one tutoring.  Classes can be fun, but usually aren’t the best use of your time.  The class pace is almost always too fast or too slow.  Even if the tutor is right on pace with you, you might be afraid to ask questions when you don’t understand something.  Or you might be afraid to continue to ask for help when it seems like you’re the only student that doesn’t understand something.   The tutors teaching these courses are usually under experienced.  They’re working for a low hourly wage, and figuring out how to teach on the fly.  Your college admissions are more important that that.

Then there’s online courses..  Online courses aren’t all they’re cracked up to be.  Unless you’re an extreme auto-didact, you’ll probably have trouble teaching yourself all the tricks and strategies.  The SAT and ACT are very specialized, and there’s a lot to know about each section.  Whether its ACT Science, SAT Math, or the grammar and reading sections, there’s a lot to know!

The other problem with online courses is that it’s difficult to get clarification.  If you don’t understand the lesson perfectly, it’s hard to get a clear understanding from a computer.

But who wants to drive to SAT class?  Who wants to meet their ACT tutor in a noisy coffee shop or some stuffy classroom?  Students spend all day in classrooms.  We get it.  It’s not that fun.

Wouldn’t it be better to meet a cool, world traveling tutor who really knows this stuff?  And, even cooler to meet with them for SAT and ACT lessons online?  Yes, it would be.  The bottom line is that one-on-one SAT and ACT tutoring is the best way to raise your score and get into the college of your dreams.   Studying online with an interesting instructor makes the whole process at least 50% fun.  Let’s do it.


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Why One-on-One Tutoring is the Best Way to Improve Your Score

Why One-on-One Tutoring is the Best Way to Improve Your Score


Whether you’re studying for ACT or SAT, the best way to improve your score is to work in a one on one setting with a great instructor.


Online courses can help you improve your score, but not by a lot.  You’ll need to be very self motivated to work on your own.  They may explain the answer, but what if you have questions?  Sure, you can email the company, but that’s a pretty convoluted way of getting the answer to a simple question.  More importantly, no online course can adjust to every nuance of your approach.  Every student is different, and it’s important to help each student understand these test in there own specific way.  No online course can truly adjust for each difference between students.


SAT/ACT classes can be great.  Your instructor could be great, teaching you all the tricks and strategies in the world, thoroughly explaining the answers, and the best methods to use for each question.  Even if you ask questions about everything you get wrong, you’d still be missing an important piece of the puzzle: Pace.   Every student moves at a different pace.  Classes typically move too fast for some students, and too slow for others.  Moreover, not every lesson will be important for your improvement.  If you’ve got a 750 in Math, and a 500 in Reading Comprehension, most of the math lessons will be useless to you.


One on one tutoring is the best way to improve your score on ACT and SAT tests.  Our instructors are young, specialized, experienced SAT and ACT tutors.  They know all the tricks and strategies to improve your score.  They’ve worked for thousands of hours with countless students, adjusting their teaching methods for each individual.  They know how to get the most score improvement in each section, whether it be SAT Math or ACT Science, ACT English or SAT Reading Comprehension.  They’ll help you motivate.  They’ll help you put the test in perspective.  They’ll explain each answer until you thoroughly understand it.


The only thing that could make one on one tutoring better is if you could do it from home, or anywhere, using the Internet.  Oh wait… that’s what we do.  So there you have

it.  One on one tutoring with Higher Learning Test Prep using Skype or Google Hangouts is the best way to improve your SAT or ACT score.


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