Quick Tip #4

Quick Tip #4

Set a Goal Score

Most students shoot for the moon on the ACT and/or SAT.  While this might seem like the best strategy, there is definitely a better way.  Setting a goal score allows you to focus on getting the points you need, and not worrying about the hardest questions.

Let’s say you need a 650 on the math section on the SAT.  You needn’t answer 10% of the hardest problems.  You could use the time and energy you would have spent struggling through the tough problems, and put that effort towards making sure that you answer the important questions correctly.

Ok, now lets take a look at the ACT.  If you need a 29 or 30 on the ACT Science section, you can skip the entire hardest passage.  Yep, we promise.  Skip the entire ‘dueling scientists” passage.  Because there’s no guessing penalty on the ACT, fill in answers on these seven questions with your luckiest letter.  Even without much luck, if you can answer all of the other questions correctly on the science portion of the exam, you can get your 29 or 30.  Use the extra time you’ve saved to be certain you’ve understood and correctly answered the other questions.

Every question is worth the same number of points, but not all questions are equally difficult.  Get the points you need from getting every easy and medium level question correct.  That means as you study, pay close attention to so-called “stupid mistakes”.  Usually we brush over these mistakes.  However, when you’re studying for the ACT and SAT, remember: the tests are super predictable.  “Stupid mistakes” on the SAT or ACT are usually mistakes in reading or reasoning due to the wording of a question.   Get used to the manner in which the exams ask questions.  The most important aspect of your study should be familiarizing yourself with the style of the test makers.  So, get familiar, figure out a reasonable goal score that will get you into the college of your dreams, email director@temp.higherlearningtestprep.com to set up a session with the best online ACT and SAT tutors in the world, and make it happen!